The Story Of St Katharine's

14. May, 2017

Sorry to hear that St Katharine Docks is up for sale again- I haven't had time yet to update the book about current owner Blackstone! I do hope that the new owner will appreciate the rich history of this small area.

4. Dec, 2016

Great new idea, to have a Christmas tree on the water. 

27. Nov, 2016

We had a wonderful and very moving commemoration at the waterside yesterday at St Katharine Docks, to remember St Katharine's Day. Rev Laura Jorgensen, rector of St Botolph's Without, spoke passionately about the history, the strength and powers of Queens and Nuns in olden times. It helped to bring alive the vibrant history of this unique place that is now St Katharine Docks. #historyofthedocks #londondocklands

21. Nov, 2016

Very disappointing- I have to say, due to unforeseen circumstances, the rest of the exhibition has had to be cancelled. I'm desperately sorry, but there has been no choice. The waterside commemoration will still take place on Friday at 11 a.m. I will further update my website during the next few days to offer some of the information that was available at the exhibition. Again, there was no choice. My main email is please get in touch if you have been extra distressed. Yesterday was very successful and many visitors were able to see the display.